Hours and Days

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Dear members and supporters,

In the hours and then days since news broke that the US Supreme Court was poised to effectively overturn Roe vs. Wade, like many of us, I’ve found it next to impossible to not think about what this infringement on the right to bodily autonomy could mean for everyone, starting with women of childbearing age. And the more I thought about it, along with the despair, the more the will to organize set in.

As the President of the League of Women Voters of Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville, I implore you to join our nonprofit allies in the fight for women’s rights, reproductive choice, and the freedoms we should unquestionably have and that we hold most dear. Actions are now springing up all around the country and grassroots mobilization is gaining momentum.

Everyone, please take good care in these unusually stressful times, and remain active and engaged in the difficult days that lay ahead. See the week of nonpartisan, nation-wide actions planned and participate in the fight however you are able. See one local Planned Parenthood rally happening at 11 a.m., Saturday, May 14th in Oakland:

Thank you for your ongoing community organizing and dedication to upholding the democratic values we have fought and died to protect.

Yours In League,

Kandea Mosley Gandhi, President LWVBAE


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