Valuing Our LWVBAE Members

League 2020 illustration

As the New Year and a New Decade approach, the League is reinstating on this website on a yearly basis a previously longstanding custom of warmly welcoming New/Returning Members and sadly noting the passing away of Former Members. Feeling the alienating effects of the COVID19 pandemic in particular, the LWVBAE leadership is determined to foster a sense of togetherness among members to inspire and promote League efforts. We would very much appreciate information from you through the Contact button on this website or to Board members about new or deceased members, which might have escaped our attention. Thank you!

New/Returning Members: Gertrude Allen, Ellen Brosbe, Erica Carter, Arlene Coleman, Patricia Darragh, Veronica Davidson, David Denton, Barbara Dornfeld, Sally Francis, Amy Gorman, Emily Korwin-Miller, Ann Kositsky, John McCarthy, David Madson, Maureen Murray, Beatric Scherr, Susan Andres, Jessie Sherwood, Becky Stephens, Cindy Rosenthal, Claudia Robles, Pam White.

New Student Members: Angelica Brehm, Cristina Chanco, Rohini Chokkalingam, Ava Clason, Janaki Gogulamudi, Ceara Schreibstein, Mattias Hoz, Lucy Montgomery, Claudia Robles, Brianna Rogers, Kelsey Tostenson, Jayana Zim, Karanina Zim.

Members Who Passed Away: George Crowe, Janet Strothman, Betty Ann Barnett, Noemi Levine, Barbara Stern.

–Ruby MacDonald, President LWVBAE

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