Photo symbol for CivilTalkSolving today’s problems requires safe sharing of ideas and concerns without worry of devolving into annoying or threatening interruptions from polarized participants. You’ve expressed interest in creating civil discussions, organized with people of sometimes widely differing perspectives.  CivilTalk’s preselected topics are those that on the streets, or in our own homes, tend to polarize or inhibit free and honest sharing. The secret is in the structure. We’d like to share a free, open-source, rewarding method that you can experience with us; then if desired, you’ll adopt it to use yourself, modifying as needed, to bridge across these troubled waters, to find common ground in controversial territory.

CivilTalk Team’s next event “Your Environment ~ My Environment” gathers at League of Women Voters Office in Berkeley, 2530 San Pablo Ave. Doors open 5:30pm; activity begins at 6:00 sharp on Wednesday, May 29th. Because this is a holiday week and because we have limited seating and moderators, the League and its CivilTalk Team are opening registration now through May 22.

The event is free and reservations necessary; those who respond to this offer by email or sign-up in League Office (address above) will have priority.  You are welcome to invite a friend or two, preferably ones who are politically different from you. We will need an email from each to reserve their spot, please. First to respond will have guaranteed placement.

Groups of six will come together to use discussion format of We’ve tried many formats, and find this structure ensures that each person has a chance to be heard and to express their own perspectives without interruption, promoting understanding and often transforming conflict.  The process teaches tolerance through careful listening to find the story under a sometimes stubborn stance.  Check it out, especially the Environment topics!

If you are available to join us, let us know! RSVP
and please put CivilTalk in the subject line.

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