League-supported Measures Win Big in June 5, 2018 Election

Low income housing, environmental funding and transportation were big winners in the June election–all but one of the votes followed League recommendations.

The Emeryville Housing Bond enabling $50 Million for low and moderate income housing passed with more than the required 2/3 vote. The vote was 1,865 to 721. The City of Emeryville is now authorized  to issue $50,000,000 in bonds with a tax rate of 4.912 cents per $100 of assessed property value to fund housing projects and assistance for low-income and middle-income households and for people experiencing homelessness.

A bridge toll increase for transportation projects was on the ballot for voters in nine counties in the Bay Area, California, on June 5, 2018. It was approved. This was supported by the Bay Area League of Women Voters–although there was some controversy by local leagues after the LWVBA made its decision.

A yes vote was a vote in favor of raising bridge tolls in the Bay Area—excluding tolls for the Golden Gate Bridge—by $3 over six years to fund the Bay Area Traffic Relief Plan, including a $4.5 billion slate of transportation projects.

Regional Measure 3 was on the ballot for voters in the the city and county of San Francisco and the following counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma.

Voters in Contra Costa and Solano counties rejected Measure 3, and voters in the other seven counties approved it. The vote margin was closest in Napa County, where voters approved the measure 50.7 percent to 49.3 percent. To see a county-by-county breakdown of the votes, click here.  Charts of results thanks to Ballotpedia.

Election results

Bay Area Regional Measure 3
Result Votes Percentage
Approved Yes 876,815 55.07%
No 715,416 44.93%

The Alameda County Child Care and Early Education Tax, belatedly supported by the county Leagues, was defeated by a small margin as reported by Ballotpedia. It required 66.67% of the vote to win.

Alameda Measure A
Result Votes Percentage
Yes 214,955 66.21%
Defeated No 109,726 33.80%

All the measures supported by the state League  won and the measure opposed by the League was defeated, as the chart from Ballotpedia shows.

June 5, 2018:

Type Title Subject Description Result
LBM Proposition 68 Bonds Issues $4 billion in bonds for parks, environmental protection, and water infrastructure
LRCA Proposition 69 Budget Requires certain tax and fee revenue related to transportation be used for transportation purposes
LRCA Proposition 70 Budget Requires a one-time two-thirds vote to use revenue from the cap-and-trade program
LRCA Proposition 71 Direct Democracy Changes the date for when voter-approved ballot measures take effect
LRCA Proposition 72 Taxes Excludes rainwater capture systems from property tax assessments

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