Election Day Anecdotes–Send Us Yours!

The League office at 2535 San Pablo Ave stayed open and staffed on the day before and the day of the Election. Here are some reports of questions we tried to handle.

Kandea reported that a few people dropped by or called in thinking that they could drop off their ballots with us or register to vote that day with us. There were also a few women who called who were leaving work, anxious to find where they could drop off their respective ballots. One woman in particular encountered a closed polling site in Richmond off McDonald Avenue. We checked the website of the location, but she still reported it as closed. We advised her to come to Berkeley and drop off her ballot at a church off University Ave I knew to be bustling and busy and certain to remain open.[Kandea didn’t mention it, but this woman probably was an Alameda County voter.]

Sherry reported that I harvested 4 calls on answering machine when I was in the office Monday afternoon. All had to do with our recommendations re: candidates (no can do) or ballot props/measures. Calling each back, I read our recommendations, or referred them to Voter’s Edge. Oh, and one wanted another copy of theAlameda County Voter’s Pamphlet, and again I referred them to Voter’s Edge. Thank heavens that handy all-encompassing Website exists!

Other calls asked can I still register? or where can I vote?

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