Dr. Deborah Turner at the LWVC Convention

Dr Deborah Turner

Dr. Deborah Turner, LWVUS President, spoke to the delegates Sunday morning June 13th at the final session of the bi-annual League of Women Voteres of California Convention 2021. Her words communicated strong, forward thinking ideals. 

She first spoke of voting rights and how some state’s legislatures are making voting more difficult in order to silence voices.  She said that we need to continue our commitment to diversity and social justice and to plan in terms of decades in going forward. The obligation is first to the voters, she stated, pointing to LWV as a group who stand up for what is right and the promise of America.  LWV’s task is to empower and defend voters unapologetically.

She counseled delegates to remain non-partisan yet to be political by working for an equal voice seen through equal representation by elected officials.  She said that the League is ready to soar, but as it is not easy work. She advised not to ignore the older members for they have much history of how-to action to share.  Our work is to have our leaders reflect the make-up of the community they serve.  Our work is to bring communities together by gathering accurate information and by generating new ideas that will grow across generations.

–Christine Wenrich

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