Dealing with the Virus

Corona virus illustrationWith the rapidly developing COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on daily life, it’s important that each and every person does their part to protect themselves and their community members. Remember to begin by choosing credible sources when reading information about the disease. In addition to misinformation unfortunately being widespread, so little is known about coronavirus that not keeping up with the latest, most accurate information can have dangerous repercussions, especially when it causes people to take ineffective preventative measures.

When reading about COVID-19, consider the source. For example, reputable news organizations, research institutions, and universities with vigorous fact-checking departments generally offer accurate information. Verifying information by using multiple (credible) sources is also an important step when evaluating information online.

For information on COVID-19 itself, visit the websites of the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and the California Department of Public Health:

The Center for Disease Control – This website has information about symptoms, guidelines for staying protected from the disease and what to do if you are sick, and updates on the spread of the virus in the United States.

The World Health Organization – This website features rolling global updates and an option to donate to the COVID-19 response fund. The following page specifically features advice to the public, including tips on using masks, working, and parenting. It also includes a segment on clarifying misconceptions about the disease.

The California Department of Public Health – This website includes updates on the spread of COVID-19 specific to California. It also includes health guidelines, similar to those of the two sources above.

All three sources offer answers to frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19.

For more information on operations in our communities, visit the websites of the County or of your city.

Alameda County Public Health Department – Check this source for the most recent County Situation Update. Find the answers to frequently asked questions about the shelter-in-place order here:

The City of Albany – This website is Albany’s hub for COVID-19-related information. Resources are listed in addition to general information on the disease and guidelines on protection, the shelter-in-place order, and food and housing assistance. You can find updates on city services here: Make sure to sign up for Albany’s weekly newsletter. Opening the City’s website’s main page,, should bring up a prompt where you may enter your email address.

The City of Berkeley – This is Berkeley’s hub for COVID-19-related information, resources, and news updates. Make sure to subscribe to the city newsletter using the form at the bottom of the page. You can find updates on city services here:

The City of Emeryville – This is Emeryville’s hub for COVID-19-related information, updates, and guidance. This website also features a note from Emeryville Mayor Christian R. Patz. Find answers to frequently asked questions about the shelter in place order here:

–Laszlo Zim

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