Comprehensive Evaluation of California Statewide Redistricting

The report assesses the outcomes and processes of the 2020 California Citizens Redistricting Commission and offers recommendations for continued future success

The League of Women Voters of California and California Common Cause have released a comprehensive report evaluating both the outcomes and the processes of the 2020 California Citizens Redistricting Commission (CRC).

The report, authored by Dr. Christian Grose, professor of political science and public policy at USC, highlights the successes and challenges of California’s 2020 statewide redistricting process, which bore the responsibility of following California’s 2010 best-in-the-nation showing and was conducted entirely during the pandemic. The report also offers detailed recommendations for strengthening the upcoming 2030 redistricting cycle.

The report was based on interviews and feedback with dozens of key stakeholders and observers of the process, public meetings of the commission, and publicly available information and data on the redistricting process and maps. It is intended to serve as the report of record for the 2020 CRC, as the only externally produced, comprehensive evaluation of the commission’s work. Its meticulous, data-driven recommendations should inform future redistricting policies and the work of the 2030 CRC to ensure its continued success and to advance equity and fair representation in the Golden State.

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