Climate Workshop at LWVC Convention

The LWVC Natural Resources Task Force gave the Workshop on the following topics:

  • Climate Justice
  • Sea Level Rise
  • Wildfires
  • Food, Soils, and Agriculture
  • Building Electrification
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Climate Action Plans 

The speakers: Diz Swift, April Oquenda, Eric Arens, Mary O’Kicki, Candace Hyde-Wang, Gloria Chun Hoo, and  Kathy Berlin.
Diz Swift began by saying that there are 300 members in 60 Local LWVs in California now and 1200 members in the LWVUS in LWV climate committees.
April Oquenda spoke about the need for climate justice for marginalized people regarding sea level rise, high temperatures, and air pollution.
Diz warned that two very large glaciers in Antarctica will soon calve huge icebergs that will inundate important parts of SanDiego, Long Beach, and the San Francisco Bay Areas.
Eric Arens said that wildfires cause enormous personal and property loss, devastating air quality and resulting health effects, and that fires are getting more frequent and getting worse.
Mary O’Kicki stated that the goals of the Food, Soils, and Agriculture Task Force are to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to drawdown carbon from the atmosphere.  Actions needed are change how we distribute and dispose of food, make heart-healthy (and planet-healthy) food choices, improve the health of our soils, and modify our agricultural practices.
Candace Hyde-Wang noted the need to rapidly reduce the use of fossil fuels.
Gloria Chun Hoo explained that electric cars are cheaper in the long run, have no exhaust gases, and now have charging stations that can provide 200 miles in 12 minutes.
Kathy Berlin pointed out the inadequacy of many climate action plans by being only aspirational.  The electrification of buildings and vehicles is greatly needed.
Diz told what bills the California legislature is working on.
Finally, Gloria suggested that people in the audience might like to join one of the climate task forces, which are Food, Soils, and Agriculture; Wildfire; Climate Justice; Renewable Energy; Climate Action Plans; Transportation; Water; Health and Climate; and Oceans.

–Eric Arens

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