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The Civil Talk discussion group will meet Wednesday November 6, 6:00 till 8:00pm, at the League office, 2530 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, to discuss the controversies surrounding “Affordable Housing”. Meet with us to share your viewpoints. Doors open 5:30; we start at 6 sharp.“

Last April, delegates at  LWV California Convention made the decision to uncover our growing housing emergency in California for 2019-2021. Setting two-year priorities, our California League is determined to work toward and solve issues in the most pressing and difficult areas state-wide. CivilTalk Team of our local Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville League helps to bring nuances of these and other issues to light by exposing the feelings, stories and values that give different perspectives to  the topic.

Five months ago in May, the CivilTalk Team responded with a rousing discussion using guidelines from Living Room Conversations’ timely topic, “Homelessness.”  We heard from some who have opened their homes in East Bay to help support the homeless. Since then, one of the sheltered persons was brutally murdered when taking a trip and away from the safe refuge.

Stories like this drive home the need for study and action.  We at CivilTalk are responding with another event, another slant on the topic of our housing emergency. What are the answers?  What is our liability? Our responsibility?

The LWVC issue, with others, is condensed on their website at : Support of equal opportunity in housing… to increase the supply of safe, decent, and adequate housing for all Californians. Support for action at all levels of government for the provision of affordable housing for all Californians.

So what might be the best solutions? Share your views with us as CivilTalk Team goes to bat for the League, to explore the various considerations of “Affordable Housing”. Meet with us at League of Women Voters Office in Berkeley, 2530 San Pablo Ave. Nov 6th, 6-8pm. 

Which, if any, models of low-cost housing that you think voters should back? Why? What should we avoid?  What percentage of new housing should be “affordable” and what is your definition of the term? What are some solutions for communities that are “built out”? Will affordable shelter make too many demands on our tax base or environment?

We hope you’ll join us for our structured 90-minute discussions of highly controversial topics in a safe and respectful environment. For a peek at the Conversation Agreements and the questions we will be considering, see This evening will not be a debate of best data, not argumentative persuasion. You will not be pushed to make any choices. It will be an airing of your views, and a chance to learn to carefully listen to others’ perspectives in a small-group setting.livingroom-conversations logo with added comment.

If you are available to join us, preview the topic guide, then RSVP Please put “November 6” in the subject line.


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