City of Albany Housing Goals

The City of Albany Racial Inclusivity & Social Equity Commission gathered together on July 5th 2023 to discuss the 2023-­2031 City of Albany housing goals and items to include in the 2023-­2024 work plan.

Some Albany’s housing goals for 2023-2031 are equitable access to housing in all Albany neighborhoods, new housing that meets the needs of the entire community, expanding housing and services for those with special needs, reducing constraints that add to housing costs or create barriers, minimizing displacement and promote fair housing for all, and improving financial resources for affordable housing.

The City of Albany is hoping to start the open policy discussion this fall and some early steps in implementation are “to explore opportunities for affordable housing for seniors, conduct evaluation of the rent review program, update the City’s inclusionary housing ordinance, update City’s zoning requirements for shelters, navigation centers, and SROs and etc.”

Among the points discussed, one interesting discussion that Flor Elizabeth Rios brought up was referring to a comment made about “housing resources not being marketed well or distributed well among the community, what resources are there, and where can folks find them.” It turns out that the housing resources are pointed at apartments since they are the entryway into Albany for most people. Jeff Bond, Community Development Director, said, “I worry more about people’s renters than I do people who have the financial capacity to consider purchasing a home.”

After a long discussion, the 2023-2025 work plan items were presented. The change was to remove “conduct facilitated forums on RISE topic areas as part of regular Commission meetings, engaging a diverse range of topic areas including but not limited to engagement with school related affinity groups, thought leaders and local organizations,” from the plan.

To watch the full meeting, see here!

–Maggie Ju


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