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Including a citizenship question on the Census undermines the rights of eligible voters and threatens a process vital to our democracy.
I stand with the League of Women Voters and call on Congress to take action and correct this issue before it’s too late.

U.S. Commerce Secretary Willbur Ross has chosen to include a question on the U.S. Census pertaining to citizenship. Including this question on the Census will discourage participation and impact the data collected in every community across the country.

This decision is bad for the census, bad for our communities and bad for America.

The Census occurs once every ten years, so it is imperative to get the most accurate count. Every community relies on Census data — from apportioning our national representatives to making decision about public safety and neighborhood resources — this information impacts every aspect of our lives. A fair and accurate count lets our leaders and businesses make sound investment decisions that keep our communities thriving.

Including a citizenship question on the Census undermines the rights of eligible voters and threatens a process vital to our democracy. We will do everything in our power to correct this issue before it’s too late. Stand with the League as we fight back against this decision.


Chris Carson, LWVUS President 2016-18

Chris Carson
President, League of Women Voters
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Update from Chris Carson received from LWVC President Helen Hutchison Tues April 3:
LWVUS staff are working with coalition partners to find the best ways to effectively message and drive action to remove the citizenship question from the 2020 Census.
This battle is just beginning. Like the Election Integrity Commission, this will be a marathon, not a sprint. Our messaging strategy to counter this decision will be three parts:
  1. Characterize the decision by the Commerce Department to include the question as WRONG – and if the question remains, it will have a major impact on the accuracy of the Census.
  2. Reiterate the importance of the Census and the many uses of Census data for all communities.
  3. Action: We will fight to fix this and work with everyone who cares about the accuracy of the Census to change the decision and remove the question on citizenship from the Census.
Staff have put together the first set of talking points for state and local Leagues to use when addressing the citizenship question in the 2020 Census.
Staff is working on a petition to Congress and will roll out additional materials in the days and weeks ahead.
For questions about the talking points, please reach out to the Communications Department at
Chris Carson, President/Chair
League of Women Voters of the United States
League of Women Voters Education Fund
Facebook: @leagueofwomenvoters    Twitter: @LWV| Making Democracy Work™ |

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Update from NPR Tues Apr 3: New York state is leading a group of 17 states, seven cities and the U.S. Conference of Mayors in a lawsuit against the Census Bureau and Commerce Department to try to remove a new citizenship question from the 2020 Census questionnaire. It comes more than a week after California filed a similar lawsuit in San Francisco federal court against Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Census Bureau officials.

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