Changing How We Communicate — More Pix, Few Words

The Women’s March was exhilarating: In 2017 past LWVBAE presidents Nancy Bickel & Sherry Smith marched–and loved it so much they marched in 2018 too.  [not shown].

We Leaguers love words. We’re not so good at pictures that tell stories–but we’ll have to learn.  We have to get our stories to young people, to the digital generations, who do instagram–stories told in pictures–and maybe facebook.

The national League has just transformed its website: take a look here.–big active photos and bold boxes,  each stating a League call to action or policy in a few words–and when you move your cursor over a new photo–it moves toward you–or seems to because it gets larger!

NYT Knows All About It: In a special report in its Sunday Feb 12, 2018 edition, the New York Times makes this point vividly with a Special Report called “Into the Eye of the Internet.”  Nine pages, each with a large image of a face imprinted with logos for apps, framed by lots of white space and with very large titles: The Post-Text Future is Here (You Read That Right), The Meme is the Message In Politics, A Hashtag Delivers Global Reckoning, Alt-Right Language Finds an Online Legacy, Digital Addiction Stirs Worry Even In Its Creators, Polished Imagery Yields Way to Reality, ‘The Ratio’ Becomes a Way of Keeping Score, Automation Reveals Its Limits To Advertisers. Each article has a first paragraph in large type summarizing its message–for those that don’t have patience to read the short text  in small type that follows. [At this writing on Tues, Feb 13, 2018, I can’t find a link on line.]

We Need More Good Photos!! Don’t worry, your League’s Communication Team won’t abandon words–but we will be looking for better, larger, more lively photos to help us tell good stories.  So if you are a good photographer–send us your photos of League and related events–or join our Team as a photographer.  Contact me at  

We Need More Good Stories by Good Writers!!  And if you are a good storyteller, interviewer, writer–let me know–we need you.

Nancy Bickel

Communications Coordinator




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