Board Supports Updating LWVUS Healthcare Position

On December 6, 2021, LWVBAE voted to support adding the LWV-NYS proposal to the agenda for the 2022 LWVUS convention. The proposal would update the LWVUS national healthcare policy position, which was adopted in 1993. The LWV-NYS Health Care Update Committee (HCUC) has reached out to over 700 local and state Leagues to ask that they consider supporting their efforts.

Some elements included in the proposal are an added emphasis on the impact of healthcare legislation on different racial, social, and geographical communities, separating health insurance access from employment status, and the benefits of a single payer health insurance system. 

On the importance of the vote, LWVBAE Healthcare Team leader Hank Abrons said, “The 1993 LWVUS health care position needs to be modernized to allow Leagues to advocate for current major national and state legislation.” Along these lines, the proposal also highlights the aspects of health care that have become increasingly urgent over the last several years such as telemedicine services, safe staffing protocols, and community health.

“Our board believes that 2022 Convention delegates should have an opportunity to concur with the updated New York state position recently approved after thorough study. We plan to ask LWVUS to place this on the Convention agenda,”Abrons said.

LWVBAE’s vote supports giving delegates the ability to vote on and discuss the LWV-NYS proposal. 

When the LWV-NYS HCUC sends their memo requesting that the concurrence proposal be added to the agenda, they will include the names of local Leagues who have voted to support the request. If successful, delegates will have the chance to formally vote in support of adding the updates to the national healthcare policy position at the 2022 Convention.

–Frances Lebowitz

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