Bay Area League Board Briefs

Meeting of August 9, 2021 and Board Retreat on August 14, 2021

• Michael Adamson, the new Project Manager for the Bay Area Monitor, was welcomed. A primary goal will be to publish a long form article every week, within the now-electronic newsletter. There are about 1,800 people on the distribution list. We will work to improve communications between the local Leagues and the Monitor.

• Bay Area League Day is planned for Saturday, February 19, with a theme of “Where Can More Housing Go?” and a committee will be formed to plan for topics and speakers. Suggestions are welcomed.

• BAL Board meetings will continue to be held virtually, with in-person meetings scheduled quarterly. Meetings are now held at 5:00 pm on the third Monday of each month, and may be “attended” via Zoom (the link for which appears on the “Agenda and Minutes” page of the BAL Website).

• Upcoming Community Dialogs will have as their topics “Civil Discourse and Inclusivity”, and an exploration of criminal justice and homelessness of the formerly incarcerated.

• The next Bay Area League Convention will be held in June 2022. It was suggested that in addition to recruiting for the Board, the Nominating Committee recruit Observers.

• A committee was formed to review the BAL Board Policies with an eye towards diversity, equity and inclusion.

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