Bay Area League Biennial Convention June 4

Bay Area League Biennial Convention will be held this year on Saturday, June 4. This event is held every two years (in the alternate years, there is a “Council”). This year, the Convention will occur via Zoom, virtually. One of the main purposes of the Convention is to elect the Bay Area League officers and Board of Directors for the program years 2022-2024. The Nominating Committee has not found 3 non-Board members to serve on the Nominating Committee for next term. They ask that Local Leagues nominate, at Convention, people from their League to serve. Ann Draper, the Committee’s chair, can be contacted for further information, at
In the business portion of the Convention, the delegates will be asked to approve the Budget for 2022-24, to consider changes to the Bay Area League Bylaws, and to discuss the Bay Area League Program for 2022-24.
The Convention will also feature a presentation on issues of regional interest.
The Convention Kit will be sent to Local League Presidents for distribution to their Convention Delegates, no later than May 16.

• Suggestions are welcome for future Community Conversations. Ideas can be sent to

• The Board updated Board Policies, to include language regarding Conflict of Interest.

• The next Bay Area League Board meeting will take place on Monday, May 16, 2022 at 5:00 pm. The meetings continue to happen virtually. The link for all the Board meetings:

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