Albany Mayor’s Statement – Racial Equity

The Mayor of Albany issued a public statement at Monday’s City Council meeting, following the publishing of a New York Times article about the book that has sparked the Albany School District and community-wide dialogue. Read Mayor Aaron Tiedemann’s statement below, and the link to the Times article.

Albany Mayor’s Statement – Racial Equity


With the publication of “Accountable: The True Story of a Racist Social Media Account and the Teenagers Whose Lives It Changed,” Albany’s feature in the New York Times Magazine, and the ongoing rise of White supremacy nationally as evident by yet another targeted mass murder of Black people in the last month, I wanted to highlight the City of Albany’s work to help advance racial justice across our community.

This year we have stood up both our Racial Inclusivity and Social Equity (RISE) and Policing Commissions, launched a mental health crisis response team pilot to provide an alternative to armed police intervention, and contracted an outside consultant to survey racial equity citywide. This work follows from the City’s Racial Equity Impact Plan, developed in 2021.

In addition, we are constantly working to make Albany more inclusive and antiracist in all of our policies, including by making our taxes progressive, planning to advance housing justice in our recently approved Housing Element, and forging or deepening relationships with representatives of our diverse community including Ohlone and parent representation groups.

We always have more work to do in order to make our community truly antiracist and welcoming to black and brown people. I am confident together we can continue progress toward realizing the equality promised by the U.S. Constitution, at least in this small corner of our nation.

I thank the AUSD School Board, Superintendent Frank Wells, and Albany High School Principal Darren McNally for all they have done to help our students and community process, reflect, and move towards a better City for everyone.

If you are interested in reading and discussing “Accountable” with others, Albany Reads at our Library will be taking it up this fall, with a discussion on January 24th at the Little Theater. Please check the Library’s site for more info soon.

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