Albany Climate Committee Has Openings!

Albany Climate ACTION LOGO

Are you looking for an opportunity in climate activism and government? The Albany Climate Action Committee currently has two vacant seats. One is the seat appointed by City Council Member Aaron Tiedemann and the other is appointed by the Albany Unified School District. The latter is a youth seat, so any of our student League members should absolutely consider applying! 

As stated on the Albany City website, the purpose of the Climate Action Committee is to “serve as a technical advisory committee regarding matters related to climate action and advise the council on matters related to reducing greenhouse gases and adapting to climate change”. In the past few years they have supported the launch of climate organizations, evaluated progress on the California Climate Action Plan, and garnered local data through surveys and research. 

If any League members in Albany have experience or interest in climate action, this is a great local opportunity! The Committee works closely with the community to improve climate awareness and promote local and state legislation on climate issues. Those interested in applying for a position should visit the Vacancies and Applications section of the Albany website : . Here you will find information about the application process. 

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