Alameda County Transportation Commission Reports ‘17-’18

Alemeda County RoadsThe Independent Watchdog Committee (IWC) for the Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) has published a public report on Measure B and BB sales tax activities for the fiscal year of 2017-2018, the 17th annual report of its kind.

Measure B, approved by Alameda County Voters in November 2000, “extended the County’s 1986 half-cent transportation tax to 2022 and set forth a 20-year Expenditure Plan to enhance the County’s transportation system,” according to the Committee in their latest report. It also “established a Citizens Watchdog Committee (CWC) to review all Measure B expenditures for compliance with the expenditure plan.”

Measure BB, approved by Alameda County Voters in November 2014, “increased the County’s half-cent transportation sales tax to one full cent, extended the tax through 2045 and set forth a 30-year Expenditure Plan for essential transportation improvements in every city throughout the County.” Measure BB also established the IWC, which eventually replaced the CWC in July 2015. In addition to former CWC activities, the IWC is also responsible for “report[ing] its findings annually to the public to ensure appropriate use of sales tax funds and provid[ing] oversight by reviewing Measure B expenditures and Measure BB expenditures and performance measures.”

In the 2017-2018 fiscal year report, the IWC summarizes the revenues and expenditures for both transportation sales tax measures. It details the project and program expenditures for both Measures B and BB. For more information, the full report is available at

The report also includes the IWC’s overall conclusion about Measures B and BB expenditures in 2017-2018: that apart from a few exceptions, Measures B and BB “tax dollars were spent in accordance with the intent of the two measures.”

The IWC noted the following exceptions: The City of Albany has been non-compliant since 2016-2017, so the IWC was unable to determine whether funds have been spent; performance measures were not met in some instances; and finally, performance measures for Measure BB “should continue to be improved to provide more relevant data for monitoring.”

Those interested in getting involved can attend Independent Watchdog Committee meetings that are open to the public. To inquire about vacancies in Alameda CTC’s advisory committees (such as the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and the Paratransit Advisory and Planning Committee), the Alameda CTC can be reached the following ways:


Phone number: (510) 208-7400

Offices: 1111 Broadway, Suite 800, Oakland, CA 84607


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