Envir. Concerns: Ed Burgess on State Actions on Clean Energy Oct. 9

Ed Burgess StrategenThe Environmental Concerns series opens October 9 at 7:30 at Northbrae Community Church with Edward Burgess, who will speak about what some key states, including California, are doing about clean energy at a time that the US has withdrawn from the Paris Climate accord.

Please let us know if you plan to come to his free, accessible, public event by registering here with Eventbrite.

Mr Burgess will focus on both strategy and technology. Burgess’s work is highly relevant to the League’s efforts to limit greenhouse gases and limit global warming. Most recently, LWVBAE has been working with our cities to modify their utility user tax structures so they will discourage use of natural gas and encourage use of the much-less- polluting electricity. See story here.

Senior Manager at Berkeley-based Strategen Consulting that collaborates with organizations to identify opportunities, evaluate risks, and launch successful ventures in clean energy and advanced grid technologies. Strategen is a a Certified Women and Minority-Owned Small Business.

Prior to joining Strategen, Burgess consulted clients on policy and regulatory issues related to the electricity sector in the Western U.S. in the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries by helping to shape state regulations and policies related to energy portfolio standards, distributed generation, and transmission planning. As Project Manager and Research Specialist at Arizona State University, Burgess managed two new initiatives at ASU’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law: the Energy Policy Innovation Council (EPIC, http://energypolicy.asu.edu) and the Utility of the Future Center (UFC, http://www.utilityofthefuturecenter.org/). He played a lead role in ongoing collaborations with government agencies in Arizona (e.g. Governor’s Office of Energy Policy) seeking expertise on energy policy issues and developed educational materials on key energy policy issues for Arizona and the Southwest. 

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