Making Democracy Work Team: Tues, April 27, 7 pm

Are you frustrated with the increasing polarity and anger in politics? Even fearful that the give-and-take necessary for our democracy is fading?

Our new “Making Democracy Work” team wants to do something about it.  After all, making democracy work is the core value of the League of Women Voters.

Our new team plans to offer settings for civil discourse among people of widely different opinions. Building off work already underway, such as with the National Institute for Civil Discourse, we’ll start small, but hope to grow to provide a roadmap for other Leagues to use to engage groups in discussion in their communities.

We think it’s critical to engage other groups in planning as we go forward.  At this stage, we are gathering information on best practices and reaching out to other organizations who may want to partner. We’re finding a real hunger for opportunities for civil, fact-based discussion on important issues among those we’ve spoken with so far.

Come join our social experiment to create a reproducible template for disparate groups to get out of their “bubbles” and reach a level of commonality. Join Us!
Diz Swift,

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