2019 LWV Bay Area – Biennial Council

Madeline Kronenberg, LWVBA, Carol Moon-Goldberg, LWVC, Veda Flores, LWVBA, Moni Flores Bauer, LWVMarin photos

Madeline Kronenberg LWVBA, Carol Moon-Goldberg LWVC, Veda Flores LWVBA, Moni Flores Bauer LWVMarin

Inspiring and preparing its 20 local LWVs to provide their communities in 2020 with highly valued LWV Voter Services, the Bay Area LWV Inter League Organization held its 2019 Biennial Council Meeting Apr. 27 at the Bellevue Club on Lake Merritt.

After a brief business meeting chaired by LWVBA President Madeline Kronenberg, about 70 Leaguers listened intently as state League Second Vice President for Voter Service Carol Moon-Goldberg expertly covered “Tools and Best Practices to Maximize your League’s Impact”, “Voter Registration and Education Best Practices” with co-facilitator Veda Flores of LWVMarin, and “Impact on Voter Service of Uncivil Discourse” – all supplemented by helpful handouts. In the spirited Q & A after each presentation, members related their own Leagues’ ongoing engagement and ingenuity in delivering services to voters, as well as looking to Carol and Veda for advice on various topics.

The meeting ended with LWVMarin’s Moni Flores-Bauer time-keeping the “Increasing Your Game” suggestions for candidate forums on “Handling ‘empty chair’ Situations” by Madeline, “Independent videotaping conflicts” by Veda, “Guide to writing good questions” by Carol, “Collaboration with co-sponsors and/or other Leagues” by Kathleen Cha of LWVOakland and “Developing a pool of strong Moderators/Interviewers” by Moni. Alas, no time remained for the topic “Mentorship”, but Kathleen squeezed in an announcement of LWVBA’s “Women’s Equity” Event August 17! LWVBAE members should consult Elise Mills’ and Ruby MacDonald’s useful notes and handouts from this meeting (green binder) in the Office.

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