Education Action Team


Issues Followed in 2014-15

Funding:  the planning of the Local Control Funding Formula in our schools.

Support quality pre-school education for all so that all children will be ready to learn when they enter school: We plan to lobby for more funding in conjunction with a statewide League effort.

Find alternatives for suspension. The Ed Action Team met with the middle schools and learning about Peer Courts, giving our support to the efforts the district is making toward applying ideas of Restorative Justice.

Closing the persistent achievement gap: We hope that the new state funding formula, the new core education program and other improvements will finally achieve this goal.

Higher Education Study in 2015-16

LWVBAE’s  main focus in Education in 2015-16 will be the California Higher Education Study. Click here to read more about the study.


Issues in 2016-17 

This team worked as Civics Education with the goal of getting our youth to vote.

On into 2018

We are following issues through newsletters, conferences, workshops, and forums.

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Early Education / Preschool

Youth and Government

School District Issues

Common Core

California and Federal Legislation