Youth and Government

Youth SchoolAs youth graduates from high school they have added responsibilities to understand our democratic system, including being an informed voter.  To help them incorporate this knowledge into their lifestyle, a number of programs and resources are available.



Civics Education


Civics Education – web page for the current LWVBAE team. This has been a major focus for our League, with much work done in the past.

Teen Center, A program through the YMCA that offers youth opportunities to participate in government, role play, write mock legislation, and debate.

MyVote Student Mock Election – Offered by the California Secretary of State, schools may participate in mock elections on real election topics, which are held immediately before state elections.

California Task Force on K-12 – Historical information from 2014-15 when a blueprint of action was established in order to implement civic learning throughout the state.

Power of Democracy – Empowering a citizenry that understands and participates in civic life.

Digital Citizenship – Videos created by Common Sense Education for Nearpod.  Some have  free previews as example, “Super Digital Citizen Lite.”

Restorative Justice

Oakland Unified School District – A resource as an alternative to suspension or expulsion.

SEEDS – Has programs in our schools and community to resolve conflicts using Restorative Justice.

Futures Without Violence – Information for youth and families – webinars, facts, programs, manuals.

California Magazine March 2015 “Justice, Not Retribution: The Emphasis on Suffering Isn’t Getting Us Anywhere.”

#Rethink Discipline What Committees Should Know About School Resource Officers.  A conversation presented by the U.S. Department of Education on 12/17/15.