Vote with the League – Nov. 2022

Measure K – Special tax for emergency medical services, advanced life support and fire protection.
This measure would repeal 2 special taxes assessed at the same rate for all real properties, no matter the size, and replace them with one special tax on real property of $0.074 per square foot of land. Basing the tax on size of lot is more equitable, would be lower for small residences and shops, but will generate more income. Albany would be able to increase the number of emergency people on duty at a time from six to seven.
Vote yes A 2/3 vote is required to pass.

Measure L – Bond Measure
This measure would allow the city to issue $650 million in general obligation bonds over a 48 year period. The proceeds are intended to be used for production of much needed affordable housing, and maintain and improve city infrastructure. The cost would be met by adding an ad valorum item to our property tax bills.
Vote yes A 2/3 vote is required to pass.

Measure M – Vacancy Tax
This measure would create a tax on property owners who keep a residential unit vacant for more than 182 days in a year. This should get some housing back into the market. This is a general tax and would go into the city’s general fund.
Vote yes requires a simple majority to pass

Measure N – Low Income Housing
In order to develop below market rate units, the California Constitution requires that a city’s voters must approve a certain number before they can be developed, constructed or acquired. Our City Council is asking voters to approve 3,000 new units. Low income housing is needed.
Vote yes requires a simple majority to pass

Measure O – Real Property Transfer Tax
The Emeryville City Council is asking the voters to increase the Transfer Tax when real property changes hands. The current amount is $12 per $1,000 of the sale price. For sales of $1 million or more this measure would raise the tax to $15 per $1,000, and for sales $2 million or over it would raise to $25 per $1,000. This money would go into the city general fund. This is a reasonable, one-time cost that would help Emeryville run.
Vote yes requires a simple majority to pass