Vote with the League

The California League of Women Voters supports California Proposition 13, Bonds for Schools and Colleges.

The League of Women Voters Berkeley Albany Emeryville supports the following local measures:

Berkeley Measure E would allow the City of Berkeley to levy a parcel tax in order to make Berkeley public school teacher and staff salaries competitive. This will help retain teachers and classified employees who live and work in the Berkeley community.

Berkeley Measure G will renew the facilities bond measure passed in 2010. Bond funds will be used to purchase computers, build science labs, clean up hazardous materials and renew or replace parts of school buildings and facilities.

Berkeley Measure H will continue the terms of the 2010 parcel tax for school facilities repair and maintenance.

Albany Measure B will continue the parcel tax LL’s $318 plus an added $130 parcel tax, in order to attract and retain exceptional teachers and counselors, protect science, arts, language, library services, reading and math support. Also to limit class sizes, keep schools safe, and keep classroom technology and materials up to date.