The November 2005 Election

The Secretary of State’s Archive

The Alameda County record of the statewide election

The LWVC positions on November Ballot Initiatives


Proposition 79
Albany Measure A


Proposition 73
     Proposition 74
Proposition 75     Proposition 76
Proposition 77     Proposition 78

No Position

Proposition 80
     Emeryville Measure C

Other   items   of   record   the   links   for   which   may   have   been   lost.

Local Pros and Cons

Albany Measure A – Parcel Tax for Public Schools

Emeryville Measure C – Workplace Justice

Easy Voter Guide summarizes each ballot measure,
and provides links to the proponents and opponents.

Use this SmartVoter page as your research portal.

Read the Secretary of State’s Official Voter Information Guide

LWVBAE supports Measure A – the parcel tax for Albany schools.

LWVC presents an in-depth look at November’s propositions

LWVC presents Pros and Cons on November’s propositions

Emeryville Candidates Forum
LWVBAE sponsored a forum for the candidates for Emeryville City Council on Thursday, October 6, 7:30-9 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Emeryville City Hall, 1333 Park Av., Emeryville. The public was invited. The audience was asked to submit questions to the candidates.