Measure LL: Albany School Parcel Tax

  • 2/3 Majority Required

The Question:  Should Albany Unified School District (AUSD) replace the $159/year parcel tax, which expires June 30, 2015, with a six-year parcel tax of $278/year to preserve and support school programs?

What Measure LL Would Do: Measure LL would provide funding for school programs and services that might not be adequately funded because of reduced state funding.  The supplemental LL funds may be used for science, art, music, library services, classroom technology, textbooks, instructional materials and other purposes. Funds may be used to keep class sizes manageable and schools safe and well maintained. They may be spent on other academic programs, equipment, materials, and supplies.  Good teachers and counselors may be attracted to work and remain in the district.

Measure LL would raise taxes on homeowners. Homeowners over 65 or residents receiving disability payments would still be able to apply for an exemption. The measure requires independent financial audits.

A YES vote means that a new 6-year parcel tax would be implemented on July 1, 2015, when the existing parcel tax expires.  The total tax collected would not increase.

A NO vote means that there would be a substantial reduction of some and elimination of other education programs and services.

The Way it is Now: Albany schools currently get about $1.3 million per year from a local parcel tax approved by voters as Measure I in November 2009. This money is directed to key classroom programs and staff.

Fiscal Effect: Under the current parcel tax, residential parcels all pay the same flat fee, while nonresidential parcel fees pay by the square foot.  A recent court case determined that all types of parcels must be taxed the same.  To raise the same amount as the old tax, each residential and nonresidential parcel would have to pay a total of $278 in the first year. Homeowners who now pay $159 would pay an additional $119 in the first year. Total tax collected would not go up.

Supporters Say: 

  • LL preserves critical local funding for Albany teachers and programs, such as art, science, and libraries.
  • LL is not a new tax; it replaces an expiring tax. It will prevent immediate cuts to programs and staff by preserving $1.3 million in funding.
  • State funding only covers the bare necessities for our schools. This measure provides a stable source of locally controlled funding to preserve the programs that make Albany schools excellent.
  • Programs could be cut including teachers and counselors; reading, math; technology, science, arts, music, library services and student safety.
  • This measure ensures a well-funded public education system that delivers long-lasting benefits to all Albany residents. Good schools preserve and enhance property values, and the overall well-being of the community.


No opposing argument was filed.