Our Priorities to Reduce Emissions

Energy Efficiency                              Zero cost – puts money in consumers’ pockets

  • Energy use:  vehicles, aviation, buildings, infrastructure
  • Energy transport:  transmission, Unified National Smart Grid
  • Energy efficiency standards (e.g. aggressive mileage standards)

Global Price on GHG Emissions
         Put the market economy to work

  • Carbon tax, charge or fee, cap and trade (or auction), carbon offsets with strong controls
  • Government cannot be exempt from GHG limits and prices

lean Energy Economy                      Opportunity for jobs

  • Renewable generation – solar, wind, tides, new ideas
  • Standards for biofuels
  • Enforceable limits, real goals (e.g. 100% clean energy in 10 years)
  • Clean energy transportation infrastructure

Portfolio of Technologies                  Research underlies progress

  • Government support – incentives (or disincentives), funding, tax credits, market creation

Our Personal Choices                        Resources are finite

  • Build a new social norm – move away from consumerism, excess
  • Use less, buy locally, reuse/recycle

A Global Solution                              
Alone we make little difference

  • Common global goal, developed countries lead the way
  • Fair and sustainable global burden-sharing
  • Peace reduces greenhouse gases
  • Protect biodiversity; enhance climate-friendly agriculture and land-use practices

Adapting to Climate Change
       Ease Consequences

  • Minimize economic impact from global warming legislation
  • Aid ecosystems vulnerable to harm from global warming
  • Ease consequences of climate related hardship to low income households