Measure Z1: Low Income Housing Authorization

Simple majority vote required

The Question: Shall any federal, state, or local public entity be empowered to develop, construct, or acquire an additional 500 units of low-rent housing in the City of Berkeley for persons of low income in accordance with Article  34 of the Constitution of California requiring voter approval?

The Situation: Since 1977, Berkeley citizens have approved 1,000 units of housing for low-income persons (200 units in 1977, 300 in 1981, and 500 in 2000).  Only 79 units remain under Article 34 approval. It is anticipated that Berkeley will experience construction of a significant number of additional units in the next few years; therefore additional voter authorization is required.

The Proposal: Article 34 of the Constitution of California requires that a majority of Berkeley voters approve that any public entity should be able to build or acquire low-rent housing projects in Berkeley.

Fiscal Effect: Uncertain, dependent on means of financing used.

Supporters Say:  

Berkeley is facing an unprecedented housing crisis with market rents increased roughly 60% over the past three years. This has caused displacement of both low-income and working families in Berkeley.

New affordable housing is key to maintaining Berkeley’s diverse population. It is anticipated that there will be funds available to leverage for creating new low-income housing, including Berkeley’s Housing Trust Fund.

A recent citywide survey revealed that Berkeley voters view affordable housing as the most important priority for our city.

Opponents Say:

No argument opposing Measure Z1 was submitted.

A “Yes” vote means: Berkeley could approve acquiring or building an additional 500 low-income units.

A “No” vote means: Berkeley would not be able to approve acquisition or building of an additional 500 low-income units.

Supporter(s):  There is no organized (i.e., web page) support for this measure.

Opponent(s):  There is no organized (i.e., web page) opposition for this measure.