Measure X1: Public Campaign Financing 

Simple majority vote required

The Question: Should Berkeley create a voluntary public campaign financing system for candidates for City Council and Mayor? If a candidate chooses to limit all individual contributions to $50 or less, and raises at least $500, should the City of Berkeley match the contributions at 6:1?

The Situation: Candidates are currently limited to receive a maximum of $250 per individual, and prohibited from receiving donations from businesses.

Fiscal Effect:  This measure could cost the City of Berkeley approximately $1 to $2 million per two-year election cycle.  This money is not currently provided for in the budget and would come from the City’s General Fund.

Supporters Say: 

  • This measure would result in less influence of big-money donors on candidates.
  • More candidates are likely to run for city office and more new voters engaged.
  • Gives Berkeley a chance to be a model for Northern California.

Opponents Say:  

  • Berkeley already limits individual contributions to candidates to $250 and prohibits donations from businesses.
  • Berkeley has no problem attracting candidates.
  • This is a high cost to Berkeley’s General Fund.

Supporters: Yes on X1 (

Opponents: No opponent organizations have filed.