Measure AA: Rent Board Ordinance 

Simple majority vote required 

The Question: Shall an ordinance be adopted to amend the Rent Stabilization Ordinance to: prohibit owner move-in evictions of families with children during the academic year; increase the amount of relocation assistance required for owner move-in evictions to $15,000 with additional $5,000 for certain tenants; and a number of clarifications.

The Situation: School officials requested that the Rent Board take action to decrease school disruption when students and their families are forced to move during the school year. This happens about an average of 30 times per year. While requesting a ballot proposal, the Rent Board also increased the relocation assistance paid to tenants who are evicted when the property owner wants to move into their own property. Berkeley relocation assistance has been unchanged for 20 years.

The Proposal: Landlords are prohibited from evicting tenants with school-age children during the school year if the reason for the eviction is landlord move-in. Currently, only low-income tenants may receive relocation assistance; this proposal extends that payment to all tenants and increases the amount from $4,500 to $15,000 with an additional $5,000 for elderly and disabled tenants. The measure includes additional language for clarification and to align with state law.

Fiscal Effect: No fiscal effect to the City.

Supporters Say: 

  • Protects families with children from owner move-in evictions during the school year.
  •  Provides increased relocation payments to tenants who are evicted for owner move-in.
  •  Makes the Rent Ordinance easier to understand.

Opponents Say:

No argument opposing Measure AA was submitted.

Supporters: No organizations have filed.

Opponents: No organizations have filed.

A “Yes” vote means: (1) Evictions for landlord move-in will be prohibited during the school year for families with school age children. (2) Relocation assistance will be available to evicted for OMI tenants regardless of income status.

A “No” vote means: (1) No change in to evictions for landlord move-in. (2) Relocation assistance remains at $4,500 only for low-income tenants.