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Jane Coulter, Nominating Comm. Chair

Jane Coulter, Nominating Comm. Chair

You’ve been meaning to get more involved in the League?  Now’s your chance.  Jane Coulter, chair of the Nominating Committee, is seeking members interested in building–or using–their skills and experience.  We have tasks that take only a few hours a month–or can be done in short bursts–and contribute to the League’s effectiveness and visibility.

If you love a challenge as part of a cheerful and collaborative team, we have interesting and challenging jobs to fit your interests, your schedule, your skills. We will also be calling or emailing some you to ask if you’d like to get more involved.


Contact Jane Coulter

email:,  or telephone:  510-524-0525.

LWVBAE is working hard to help make democracy work by exposing and limiting big money in politics, making sure all citizens can exercise their right to vote, controlling climate change and more.

Some possibilities are listed below.  Remember–all positions can be shared with another person or a whole team, depending on how you like to work and how much time you have. Our teams have fun together and, yes, teams is our new name for our committees.

Possible Positions

Some can be either off- or on-Board positions

Board of Directors— all Board Members share responsibility for all work of the League, as well as doing particular jobs.

President--overall coordination of League Board and League activities; spokesperson.

Program Coordinator and Team Members-organizing meetings and events, working with event teams and all teams

Voter Services Coordinator and Team Members–we’re already making ambitious plans to register voters and more for 2016. Interesting jobs of all sizes available.

Action Coordinator-LWVBAE lobbying and avocacy, for Action Team

Action Team seeks new members to follow and recommend action in many different policy areas

Membership Coordinator and Team Members–recruiting and welcoming new members, helping them find their niche in League activities and more.

Secretary– keeping records of meetings and more

Treasurer–keeping track of our funds, paying our bills

Assistant Treasurers-helping with Paypal or other aspects of of Treasurer’s job

Outreach Coordinator and Team Members–connecting with the larger community, working with other community groups etc

Communications Coordinator & Team Members–internal communications for the Board, members, and external communications with the public.  Positions include web and VOTER editor, media coordinator, web manager, eblasts, and social media coordinators.

Social Media Manager[s] are particularly needed by the Communications Team.

City of Albany Liaison–to follow city activities, connect with citizens, organize some meetings on local topics

City of Emeryville Liaison–to follow city activities, connect with citizens, organize some meetings on local topics

Administrative Coordinators for in-office and on-line activities and records


New Teams are created as needed so if you have a special interest, talk to us about whether you can bring that interest to the League.

Look on the “Our Teams” page to find out about current teams.






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