Healthcare Team 2014-2015

by Li-hsia Wang, Healthcare Team Chair.

Li-hsia Wang photo

Li-hsia Wang

During the 2014 election we supported Berkeley’s Soda Tax, leafleting several times and attending meetings.

We are supporting CA bill SB4, offering healthcare coverage to undocumented California residents via MediCal and the Affordable Care Act lower exchanges, although without any subsidies. We worked with the Capistrano Bay League to do a workshop at the state convention in San Diego, coordinating healthcare and immigration interests. The bill has now been revised downward, only offering coverage to under-19 year olds.  It goes to the entire Assembly soon, following three Senate committee hearings and one Assembly hearing.  As rallies are held we will encourage Leagues  to attend.

We are celebrating MediCare’s 50th birthday at the end of July, and will be recruiting through local Leagues for local events.

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