League Leaders and Interns Continued . . .

Each attendee shared some of their activities outside of the League. The League leaders and interns learned about various interesting aspects of each others’ lives: Director Kandea is involved with the AbilityHacks organization, which creates opportunities for people with disabilities to create low-cost technological solutions for ability challenges. Communications Director Linda is part of a political discussion group at the Albany Senior Center. Action Intern Kai Kai is a junior at Berkeley High School. She began working with the League in January, and  is part of her school’s Stop Harassing student organization. Stop Harrassing fights the culture of sexual harassment at school. Schools & Communities First! Team Intern Cameron, a junior at Berkeley High School, is also actively involved with Stop Harassing and the Berkeley Youth and Government program. Administrative Intern Cynthia plays for a Chinese Symphony group affiliated with UC Berkeley. Action Team Leader Jinky is a retired underwater archaeologist, and Director Adena is currently attending law school.

The interns and Director Adena also had a chance to discuss how they juggle their extremely busy school and extracurricular lives. Everyone said they were managing difficult course loads (one intern is taking additional advanced courses at a local community college) and, of course, multiple extracurricular commitments ranging from school leadership to an additional internship. Director Adena emphasized the importance of time management, something that everybody agreed they were always actively working on.

As usual, the interns and leaders enjoyed catching up with each other and left the meeting already anticipating the next!

–Laszlo Zim

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