Housing Team

Greg MagofnaGREG MAGOFNA – Team Leader
greg@lwvbae.org 510-545-3994

The Housing Team meets the first Wednesday of every month, at 6:00 to 7:00pm on Zoom.

Everyone agrees that there is a housing crisis across California, which has gotten so bad that it is now being exported nationally —  BUT where people disagree is on what we should do about it. 
Join the new LWVBAE Housing Team to learn about and discuss what is happening in our cities around housing and homeleness, key issues identified by the LWVC. See LWVC’s stance:

Join us to help shape how LWVBAE will approach LWVC’s goal supporting efforts aimed at California’s housing crisis and equal opportunity to decent, stable, and affordable housing.

Contact Greg Magofña to find out more and join the effort: greg@lwvbae.org 510-545-3994.