Lobby or Join a Campaign

Lobby for League Causes

League members advocate and lobby for League policy positions constantly.  When there is no upcoming election, the League concentrates on following the proposals and decisions of  local governments and agencies, boards and commissions, as well as state and national government activities.  League observers who follow City Council or a particular city commission can alert the League Action Committee and Board when a proposal related to a League policy position is on the agenda. The Board decides what action to take- to draft a letter, prepare a statement or develop a more extensive public education, lobbying or publicity campaign to support or oppose the policy.

Want to Lobby with us? Contact media@lwvbae.org.

Want to Lobby by email in response to national and state calls to action using automated systems?  For the National League:  https://www.lwv.org/take-action
For the California League: https://lwvc.org/news/sign-take-action-key-issues-ca

Past elections actions:

During election periods  Although the League never supports or opposes candidates or political parties, it does support and oppose ballot measures.  If the League has previously studied an issue and adopted a policy position on that issue, the League evaluates whether the proposed ballot measure agrees with the League policy or goes against it.  Sometimes several League policies apply. Based on the League policies, League members discuss and the  Board decides whether to support or oppose the measure.  The League may then join and work with a coalition of groups to fight for or against the ballot measure or proposition.