Come to Our Meetings

You don’t have to be a member of the League to come to our meetings.
Check out our calendar-see menu at top of page–or get on our mailing list to see what’s coming up.

The fall and spring general meetings, the monthly evening Environmental Concerns, and occasional large public meetings are presented the public as well as members. Others are working committee meetings, like the Climate Change and Action monthly meetings meetings. Non-members interested in the topics are welcome to come and check them out.

Climate Change Team

Climate Change is now. The scientific evidence is clear. Heat records are being broken, glaciers are melting, biodiversity is declining, and the seas are rising. Our ability to curb this change diminishes with every passing day. We must act now to prevent catastrophic consequences. Use your well-informed vote. And help us change cultural attitudes and act on our priorities: energy efficiency standards for transportation and the electric grid; Global price on carbon emissions; developing plans to adapt to climate change.

Monthly Team Meetings; 4th Wednesday, 1:30-3:00 pm; LWVBAE office, 2539 San Pablo; Contact Regina Beatus at

Environmental Concerns

Expert speakers on a broad range of environmental topics speak at the monthly Environmental Concerns evening meetings.

Monthly Team Meetings; 2nd Monday, 7:30-9:30 pm; members’ homes. Addresses & directions. Contact  Carol Stone 549-0959 for more information.


Fall and Spring Member Meetings

The Fall meeting, usually in September, and the Annual Meeting, usually  in May, include dinner and speakers and discussions. They  start in the early evening at the Northbrae Community Church, 941 The Alameda.   At the  Annual meeting in the spring, we elect officers for the coming year and carry out organizational business. Contact Lessly Field at

Action Meetings

Action meetings are held monthly for members. We discuss hot issues that we want to take action on and decide what to recommend to the board–a letter or statement to the City Council, other lobbying, or educating or persuading our fellow citizens, legislators or other key groups.  Contact Diz Swift at