Common Core & Curriculum



The League monitored the implementation of the common core by attending school LCAP meetings, talking with teachers and parents.  League also keeps a watch for information that can help to clarify school issues.



US Department of Education’s #GoOpen – California is part of the open license use of materials created by Ed Department grant funds. Bay Area Districts, however, are not listed at taking part.

Next Generation Science Standards – Look at their standards, plus the hows and whys, from the National Science Teachers Association

California And Civic Learning – Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye made civic engagement one of the highest priorities in July of 2016.

Center on Technology and Disability – Articles on accomodations for testing and much more.  Search “Common Core” for a list of their links.

National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies – These standards include civics, economics, geography and history.

California Department of Education Common Core – Information and links to common core standards sites.  Also Smarter Balance Assessment description with trial questions.

California Frameworks –  This is the main page for curriculum information.


What’s the Case for the Common Core?” Chris Hayes talks with Randi Weingarten, President American Federation of Teachers, and Sabrina Joy Stevens, founder of Integrity in Education, about the controversy over Common Core. A little bit of history created in May 2014.

Common Core Explained in 3 Minutes


The Nation’s Report Card – This report on math & reading achievement is put out by the National Assessment of Educational Progress NAEP, through the United States Department of  Education.  More information.


NAACP Task Force on Quality Education Report – This is the study that resulted from the NAACP’s Resolution on a Moratorium on Charter Schools in October 2016.  The full report dated July 2017, can be accessed here.  More information here – NAACP Education.

California State School Charter Task Force commissioned by Gov. Gavin Newsom & State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond’s report on Charter Schools.  Link is to a CalMatters article that gives some background on the project. Click within the article on “the report” to read the actual report. (June 6, 2019)

Charter Schools Act of 1992 is reformed in California by AB 1505 in order to ensure high-quality charter schools.  The changes involves accountability procedures. (October 2019)