Board Meeting October 23, 2017

The Agenda

  • Review of Group Agreements
  • Approval of minutes from the 10/02/2017 meeting
  • Public Forum
  • President report on:
    1. Fiona
    2. Conversations on Health Care in California
    3. Environmental Concerns
  • Treasurer: Emily Beckhusen
  • Secretary: Christine Wenrich
    1. Holiday Party update
  • Action Chair: Preston Jordan
    1. Prop 13 Reform Team: Follow-up on Civics Ed discussion
    2. Climate Change Team:
    3. Immigration Team lead follow-up–Marian Gonzales, Voter Editor
    4. Election Method Study update
  • Voter Services Chair: Phyllis Gale wed nov 15 1:30 next meeting
  • Membership Chair: Jinky Gardner  will meet Tues Oct 24, 7 pm jinky’s; membership renewal letters go out this Friday
    1. Picnic with the League Nov 11th, 11-2
  • Government Accountability Chair: Ken Bukowski
  • Communications and Nominating Committee Reports: Nancy Bickel
  • Conflict of interest forms (Online)
  • Announcements


Board Briefs

A number of events are in the works at LWVBAE.  This includes a “Conversation on Health Care,” a Community Picnic in the Park, an Environmental Concerns meeting with Daniel Kammen on December 13th, and a Building Holiday Party to be held December 1st.

Board Minutes

Board Present: Adena Ishii, Ken Bukowski @8:05pm, Emily Beckhusen, Phyllis Gale, Christine Wenrich,  Jinky Gardner,  Preston Jordan,
Participants: Nancy Bickel (Temporary minute taker), Ruby MacDonald, Carol Stone
Call to Order: By Adena Ishii, President, at 7:03 PM.
Approval of Minutes from 10/2/17: Town Hall’s goal was to build support for Prop 13 Reform.  Removed detail. Minutes accepted as amended, moved by Emily Beckhusen, seconded by Jinky Gardner.

President’s Report:

Public Forum – Comments requested from attendees. Berkeley Community College student Fiona has volunteered and is assisting our President, learning as she goes.

Conversations on Health Care – Will just have the two speakers previously announced.

Environmental Concerns – Thirty people attended the September meeting.   The next event is also on Eventbrite, so get people to sign up; the press release has gone out. A well-known speaker, Dan Kammen,  is scheduled for December 13th.

Treasurer:  Emily Beckhusen reported no significant activity this month: We will be using the Join It membership tool, and Stripe for billing which costs a bit less than paypal. Its interface with Eventbrite is also good. Adena and Emily will set up the system and let everyone know about it.

Secretary:  Christine Wenrich reported that Sierra Club decided to join the event due to quick response from volunteers. Ecology Center will serve alcoholic beverages. Landlord agrees to Friday, Dec. 1st.  Budget is $300.  The piano player is available.

Board Brief – Secretary will write a few sentences about each board meeting for LWVBAE website.  The minutes and attachments will be available with a “To Read More…” link.

Action Chair:  

Prop 13 Reform Team –  Ruby McDonald handout attached at last meeting.  Considering a variation on their Team name.  Gathering good ideas for gaining support for her effort.

Climate Change Team – Preston reported working on a game for the picnic.  Phillips 66 San Luis Obispo trains are prevented from going by Santa Barbara said Carol per Sierra Club’s recent win.

Immigration Team –  Preston & Marian Gonzales shared information to team members and are going forward.  Nov. 14 at the Community College is a planned panel on the immigration issues  – AAUW American Association of University Women is running this.

Other: Heads up on UC Berkeley creating a long-term, 10-year plan that will affect the community. Carol Stone noted that housing and land use would be affected.

Election Method Study Update: Preston – 7 people attended the first meeting Lianne Campodonico, MT,  presented the details on how to conduct a study. Next meeting is November 7th, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm.  Future meetings are scheduled for the 16th & 30th of November.  Brad Smith, Commissioner, who is interested in joining this study, will bring a wealth of knowledge.

Voter Services: Phyllis Gale reported that the next meeting will be Wednesday, Nov 15th, at 1:30.  She reaffirmed that CA State runs the voter registration database now.  

Adena Ishii was invited to  take voter registration forms and attend the opening of a new apartment building on Adeline St.

Membership Chair: Jinky Gardner reported on the “Picnic with the League” date change  from Oct.14 to Nov. 11th from 11:00 to 2:00 pm.  A meeting is scheduled for tomorrow night to plan. Still considering games for the event so share any ideas.

Membership renewal letters will be sent out after their Friday Membership meeting, says Emily Beckhusen.

Government Accountability Chair:  Ken will talk with Adena after the meeting informally.

Communications & Nominating Committee Reports:  Nancy Bickel is phoning to recruit members to be active on committees. Toward this end, extra copies of the Voter were printed, and members signed up to drop off copies at every public library. Requested press release format announcements early as it is one way to be more visible.  

Phyllis warned that Bonnie Hamlin, Coordinator, announced that Abigail Bok will not continue as Smart Voter editor.  Her work will be hard to follow.

Adjournment:  Phyllis moved, Preston seconded to adjourn; one nay, nine ayes, meeting adjourned.