Board Agendas and Minutes

Members are welcome to observe Board Meetings.  If you have business you wish the Board to discuss, please contact the relevant Board member, for example, a proposed letter to a City Council should go to the Action Director at and, when possible, to the Action Team meeting for discussion and approval before going to the Board. If you have a request that requires quick action, please notify the president at and copy the relevant Director.

Board Agendas will be published, when possible, before the relevant meeting. Minutes are only approved at the subsequent Board meeting, so they will be added when they have been approved by the Board.

Board Meeting on June 18, 2018

Board Meeting on May 14, 2018

Board Meeting on April 18, 2018

Board Meeting on March 30, 2018

Board Meeting on February 27, 2018

Plans were made to partner with LWVOakland in April for the Assembly District 15 Candidate Forum themed “Coalition for Place Accountability.”   LWVBAE Chapter will request a forum on Regional Measure 3 to the Bay Area League.  Signature gathering is organized for support of the commercial property tax measure. To participate, contact

Board Meeting on January 29, 2018
The LWVBAE Board agreed to send a letter of support to the City of Berkeley to refine Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) calculations.
Action Director, Preston Jordan, will write an op-ed regarding Albany low-income municipal tax provisions and implementation.  Members will work with Berkeley High School’s Mr. V on a Voter Registration Event as part of Vote 16 in late February.   LWVBAE is supporting the Prop 13 Initiative’s final version.

Jan 22, 2018  League Calendar Planning Meeting

Board Meeting on November 27,2017
LWVBAE’s election methods study on multi-seat plurality was given the go ahead by the Board. This study on multi-seat plurality moved forward with the Board approving the team’s statement of scope:
The study will consider multi-seat ranked choice, a non partisan proportional method,      and compare it to the multi-seat plurality at large and single-seat ranked choice by district methods currently used in Berkeley, Albany, and Emeryville. The study will judge these election methods by criteria supported by League positions and principles.
Contact to join this study.