New Ways to Reach You

Web-Facebook-Video: We’re finding new ways to communicate with our members and the public through video and web–but we’re keeping our meetings and publications as well.

Video To Educate Voters:  Not every voter has time to watch our longer election programs, so we covered Berkeley candidates in long and short form videos and on several platforms–Berkeley Community Media cable TV and a new LWVBAE YouTube channel.  In future elections we hope to extend our coverage to Emeryville and Albany.

Our YouTube videos attracted nearly 2800 views and were watched for a total of more than 100 hours, according to the YouTube analytics. Even more encouraging, the most viewers watched the 2 minute spots to the end.  For candidates in the contested races for Berkeley Mayor and City Council Districts 2, 3, and 5, and School Board we produced and posted 2 minute video clips of the “stump speeches” of each of the candidates.  We posted the candidate spots and programs on our new YouTube channel and listed them on Mayoral candidates recorded a second 2 minute spot  on development in Berkeley, since we did not record a Mayoral candidate forum.  Thanks to Berkeley Community Media we were able to produce half hour and hour discussion programs which played nearly continuously on their government channel 33 from end of September up to Election Day.

Visit LWVBAE’s YouTube Channel by clicking here.

Facebook: We had a terrific turnout of about a dozen for our Facebook for beginners workshop–the first of our new media workshops. Thanks to Bruce Harris and Bill Chapman, more experienced Facebook and computer folks, several Leaguers created Facebook pages for the first time. All the others said they had learned at least one new skill during the hour-long session. If you’d like us to do another facebook workshop, email us at

Sample our facebook page right on on this website–on our home page–along with the national and state League facebook pages.  You can also visit it on facebook: it’s League of Women Voters Berkeley Albany Emeryville. It’s a sampling of posts from our first facebook page, which is a group page, The group page is, so far, more active and interactive. Take a look at  League of Women Voters of Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville Facebook page. If you want to make comments, you can ask to join. We’ll accept you promptly. Just click on the  underlined names to actually visit the national League Facebook page and the California League Facebook page .

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