Disclosing Campaign Donors

The California League is serious about making sure all campaign contributions are disclosed. LWVC will be working with California Common Cause and the state Fair Political Campaign Commission to draft and introduce legislation to improve California’s current campaign finance disclosure laws.

“We all have a right to know where the money in elections comes from—whether it is from corporations, unions, trade associations, individuals, or nonprofit advocacy groups,” insists Jennifer A. Waggoner, president of the League of Women Voters of California. “How can voters make informed decisions if they don’t know who is spending money to influence the election?”

Local Leagues and League members will be lobbying in support of disclosure legislation as it is introduced and makes its way through the legislature. But the state League asks that Local Leagues and members wait to hear which proposals the state league is supporting before writing to our elected officials. Many competing disclosure laws with different provisions are being considered now.

You can read more about the LWVC, FPPC, Common Cause coalition at the LWVC website.

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