Post-Election Action: Monitor Berkeley Redistricting Jan. 24

redist-map-sampleHelp us monitor the Berkeley redistricting process; join us at a community meeting Thursday, Jan. 24, at the South Berkeley Senior Center at 6:00 p.m.  City staff will “ inform interested persons on the process, timeline, and requirements for submitting a redistricting plan. ” This meeting organized by City staff and moderated by League president Sherry Smith follows the Council’s practice in recent years of inviting citizens to propose district maps that meet the criteria still enshrined in the City Charter. Details of the proposed redistricting process and how redistricting plans can be proposed to the city are available on the City’s website or clicking here.

The passage of Measure R removed the descriptions of Berkeley’s districts from the Charter and provided that districts would be redrawn and adopted after each census by the City Council. Monitoring the City’s redistricting process was proposed at our post-election Action meeting and confirmed by the Board. Since the League endorsed passage of Measure R, we want to make sure that it is implemented fairly.

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