Expansive Registration Campaign

Phyllis Gale and her niece Michaela prepare to register students in front of the University YWCA

Phyllis Gale, new League recruit but longtime AAUW stalwart, organized a joint LWVBAE-AAUW Berkeley voter registration tabling campaign with tremendous energy and effectiveness. She collaborated with UC student organizations to recruit UC student volunteers, organized the necessary permits and volunteers for the downtown BART station on National Voter Registration Day and on Shattuck Avenue for the first Open Streets and just before the close of registration set up four early morning registration events for parents at four different YWCA HeadStart locations. As always, the League was a strong presence registering voters at the Solano Stroll.

A host of volunteers helped Phyllis set up and staff the registration tables, including Diz Swift, Sherry Smith, Nancy Bickel, Phoebe Watts, Helen Canin, Nancy Packter, Sarah Miyazaki and Amy Skewes-Cox, wo joined us from Marin, Nightrain Schickele, Carol Stone, Mary Lou Breiman, Ursula Rolfe. Among the students who worked with us were Janet Navarro, Jesus Galindo, Sally Ching. At the Berkeley Sunday Streets, Vitoria Carmona and two living history players, dressed in style of 1911, passed out our local “Pros & Cons” and “Occupy the Voting Booth” bumper stickers.  Other folks dropped by to help distribute materials without leaving their names.

Dean Metzger, Membership Coordinator, took on the responsibility for making sure that we keep  more than 20 boxes of voter registration forms  around Berkeley and Albany supplied with registration forms [affadavits]. Overall we distributed nearly 2000 forms to these boxes. Building on the  automated on-line record keeping system set up by Bill Chapman last year, Dean recruited additional volunteers and made sure they had the registration forms they needed.  While he was away on a trip, Tom Coulter and Bill kept the system going.  Longtime friend of the League Bob Compton supplemented our organized efforts by dropping in at heavily used locations to refill boxes and by handing out registration forms as he made his way around town. Taking responsibility for systematically checking and refilling specific boxes were: Marcia Skinner, Bill Chapman, Wilma Rader, Tom Coulter, Sue Ezekiel, Phoebe Watts, Claudia Berger and Noemi Levine.

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