Who’s Afraid of Prop. 13? League in Reform Coalition

spur-event-graphicShowing signs of wear as the “Third rail of California politics”, Prop. 13 was pummeled Sept. 29 by a panel of 4 well-known Bay Area leaders at a meeting sponsored jointly by SPUR (San Francisco Bay Area Urban Planning and Research Association) and the reformist nonprofit group, Evolve.  An enthusiastic crowd of over 100 attendees, energized by the theme question, “Who’s Afraid of Prop. 13?”, heard State Senator Loni Hancock, SFUSD Board of Education President Matt Haney, Community Economics spokesperson Elissa Dennis and Evolve Campaign Director and Spokesperson Ben Grieff make the case for Prop. 13 reform.  Each panelist used his or her expertise to focus on a different sector of government likely to benefit from Prop. 13 reform, including education, housing and public services.  All agreed on the need to close loopholes in Prop. 13 which allow large corporations to evade property taxes.  The hour-long meeting ended with questions from the audience and a few suggestions on building the movement’s growing momentum.

The LWV-California is a member of the Make It Fair coalition working for reform of Prop. 13.

After the meeting, LWVBAE members Ruby MacDonald and Helene Lecar and El Cerrito City Council Member Gabe Quinto thanked Senator Hancock for her leadership in pursuing Prop. 13 reform over the years to the point where it may occur.

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