Videos & Info: Candidates, Props (2 min), Ballot Measures


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Measures and Propositions

The California Propositions explained in  2 min. Videos.
The Pros and Cons for the California Propositions are at Voters Edge.
The Pros and Cons for the Local Measures.

Voting Information for the Blind and the Audiophile.


 •  Loretta L. Sanchez (Dem), Kamala Harris (Dem)  Debate Video


LWV Forums for CA State Senate, and CA State Assembly,  Videos

U.S. House of Representatives
  • District 13 Map – Barbara Lee (Dem), Sue Caro (Rep)
State Senate Election
  • District 9 Map – Nancy Skinner (Dem), Sandré R Swanson (Dem)State Assembly Election
State Assembly Election
  • District 15  Map– Tony Thurmond (Dem)Claire Chiara (Rep)
Alameda County 
Bart and A C Transit

LWV Forum for BART Directors, AC Transit Directors, & AC Transit Bond Measure,

  • AC Transit Ward 2 (Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville) – Greg Harper, Russ Tilleman
  • AC Transit At Large – Dollene C. Jones, H. E. Christian (Chris) Peeples
    League Video
  • Bart Director District 3 – Ken Chew, Worth Freeman, Varun Paul,
    Rebecca Saltzman  League Video
  • Bart Director District 7  – Roland Emerson, Zachary Mallett, Will Roscoe, Lateefah Simon

Alameda-Contra Costa AC Transit District Measure C1  League Video

Peralta Community College Trustee
  • Area 6 – Nick Resnick, Karen Weinstein


LWVBAE Forum for Albany City Council and Board of Education, Video

  • City Council ( 3 positions) – Nick Pilch, Peter Maass, Michael Barnes, Amber WhitsonErik Giesen-Fields
  • Board of Education ( 2 positions) – Kim Trutane, Jacob ClarkJon Raj Destin, Clementina Duron  


LWVBAE Forum for Districts 2 & 3,  League Video
Re-Broadcast  on local cable channels 28 and 33    

  • City Council District 2  Map – Cheryl Davila, Nanci Ira Armstrong-Temple, Darryl Moore
  • City Council District 3  Map –Mark A. Coplan, Al G. Murray, Deborah Matthews, Ben Bartlett

LWVBAE Forum for Districts 5 & 6, League Video
Re-Broadcast on local cable channels 28 and 33.  

  • City Council District 5  Map – Sophie Hahn, Stephen Murphy
  • City Council District 6  Map – Susan Wengraf, Fred Dodsworth, Isabelle Gaston

LWVBAE Forum for School Board,   League Video
Re-Broadcast  on local cable channels 28 and 33 

  • School Board ( 2 positions) – Abdur Sikder, Judy Appel,
    Beatriz Leyva-Cutler, write-in candidate Norma J. F. Harrison

LWVBAE Forum for Rent Board, League Video
Broadcast live on local cable channels 28 and33.

  • Rent Control Board ( 4 positions) –Nate Wollman, Alejandro Soto-Vigil, Leah Simon-Weisberg, Judy J. Hunt, Igor Tregub, Christina Murphy
Berkeley Mayoral Election

LWVBAE Forum for Mayor,  League Video

  • Mayor – Kriss Worthington, Bernt Rainer Wahl, Zachary RunningWolf,
    Jesse Arreguin, Naomi D. Pete, Laurie Capitelli, Ben Gould, Guy “Mike” Lee

Campaign contribution information for City of Berkeley Elections.


LWVBAE Forum for Emeryville City Council and Board of Education,  League Videos

  • City Council (3 positions) – John J. Bauters, Brynnda Collins, Louise Engel, Ally Medina, Christian Patz, John Van Geffen
  • Board of Education (2 positions) – Cruz J. Vargas, Barbara Inch, Ken Bukowski

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