What the June 7th Election Means

As of the 2020 census, the population of Alameda County, where we live and vote, was 1,682,353. We have 939,402 registered voters. 32.80 % of those voters cast ballots in the June 7th Primary Election. We have our work in future elections cut out for us!

If you check our June Primary Page, you can see that almost every candidate running had either No Opposition or won by such a large margin that the offices will not be contested in the fall.

On June 8th the California Governor officially proclaimed the General Election on Tuesday, November, 8, 2022. These are the statewide offices to be contested: Controller, Insurance Commissioner, and Superintendent of Public Instruction. The other major offices have been decided by the Primary. Yet the voters in this election under represent the population of California. The importance of the Primary is undervalued.

–Linda Carothers


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