What Should We Study and Take Action on Next Year? Dec. 15, 12:15

Logo boxIf you have ideas about what the National League should be working on in 2016-18 or our own Local League in 2016-17, please bring your proposals to the Program Planning Meeting on December 15 at 12:15 at the Albany Library, 1247 Marin Ave.

Changes in Approach

There are two changes in our approach to Program Planning this year. First, we will be making our program planning proposals in December, instead of January. Second, responsibility for Program Planning has been moved to the Action Coordinators, Jill Martinucci and Diz Swift. This is the arrangement in most Leagues, LWVC President Helen Hutchison pointed out. She served as Action and Program Director for LWVC before becoming President. The rationale is that the studies of policy issues become policy positions which Action leaders then apply to lobby for and against particular proposed laws and government actions.

Current Programs

Climate Change” and “Education” were proposed at last year’s Program Planning meeting, approved by the Board and confirmed by members at the 2015 Annual Meeting. Climate Change, with a very active team, continues to be a top action and education priority. The focus on education shifted to this year’s CA Study of Higher Education. On the national level, the current studies of the Constitutional Amendment and Money in Politics were proposed by many leagues and the national board and confirmed by the delegates to the 2014 National Convention. National legislative priorities are selected by the national Board.

New Proposals

If you have a specific idea, please prepare a brief written proposal that includes:

  • Overview of the proposal and why it is timely.
  • Citation of the specific position, local, state and/or national, related to the topic.
    • State and National Positions are given “in brief” – be sure to read the full position on the relevant website or in the publications in the League office.
  • A list of League members ready and willing to work on the project..

Bring copies of the proposal to the meeting or email to actionjill@lwvbae.org before 12/15. – Nancy Bickel, President &  Jill Martinucci, Action Coordinator

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