Website to Supersede the Voter

The world changes and so does the way we communicate.

During our lifetimes, communications methods have changed greatly.  One of my old school chums posted on “Facebook” – remember when we used to ask the telephone operator to connect us to a number?  Now many of us don’t need to remember the numbers, because we use cell phones and the numbers are stored for us by name.

The daily newspaper used to be the source of most of our current events.  Now many papers have gone out of business, and we get our news electronically, and by the time it hits print it is out of date.  The same thing is true of our trusty printed “Voter.”  Often items have changed during the writing and editing process, before it can even get into print.  It has been a wonderful tool for us, but it is very labor intensive to create and the world moves too fast for print.

So LWVBAE is going to adjust to the newer, more rapid electronic times.  We will still generate a printed VOTER.  Nov – Dec 2016 will be our last bi-monthly issue.  Starting in 2017, we will switch to a quarterly print cycle.  And The Voter will be our secondary, rather than our primary news source.  Our website is now our first place to go for news.  It is updated daily – sometimes more than once a day.  As events are rescheduled or details changed – look to the web for the most current information.  For those who want a printed newsletter, we will continue to generate a printed summary of the news from the website once a quarter.  But if you want the most recent and most up-to-the minute news, look to

Deborah Malbec, President

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